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Grand Final Grazing

Are you hosting an AFL Grand Final viewing party this weekend? Forget party pies and sausage rolls and impress your guests with a gram-worthy grazing platter. Platters are perfect for grand final days because everything is pre-prepared so you can spend more time with your guests enjoying the game rather than heating up pies in the oven. 

Here at Peter Teakle Wines, we know a thing or two about making an impressive grazing platter. Our Eyre Peninsula charcuterie board is a hit with our Cellar Door guests and goes down a treat with a glass of your favourite tipple. 

Read our tips below on how you can recreate an epic grazing platter at home.


We pride ourselves on using the very best seasonal and local produce. Our selection of fruits is dependent on what’s available in season - there’s no point adding strawberries and blueberries to your platter if they’re not in season because they just won't taste good. A good grazing platter shouldn’t just be bursting with colour, it should also be bursting with flavour! 

Being based in the seafood capital of Australia, we can’t go past including some smoked seafood on our platters. We use Port Lincoln Smokehouse’s bluefin tuna and yellowtail kingfish on our boards. Not only are they delicious, but we always love an opportunity to showcase another local business and producer. Follow them on instagram for a list of stockists and other recipe ideas. 


The great thing about grazing platters is that they will appeal to even the fussiest of eaters, as long as you have variety. When selecting cheeses for your grazing platter, think of different flavours, colours and textures, and choose a variety of cheeses, from soft and creamy to hard and sharp. Once you’ve selected your cheeses, figure out which cured meats you would like. You don’t want to pair all your cheeses with a notably salty cured meat, so make sure you have a variety, from a salted prosciutto, to a salami and even a traditional ham for those who are less adventurous and prefer more simple flavours.  
If you’ve chosen a beautiful selection of meats and cheeses then avoid adding flavoured biscuits or crackers. Let your produce standout and serve your cheese and meats with some rustic and crunchy bread. Your guests will be able to taste the difference when you use high quality produce. 


The reason we love platters is because you can pre-prepare them and once your guests have arrived you can sit back, pop a bottle of your favourite Peter Teakle Wine and relax with your guests. That’s what entertaining should be about - not the host standing by the stove or slaving over dishes. 

When it comes to pre-planning, slice your cheeses in halves or quarters and only take one or two portions out initially. Leave the remaining pieces of cheese in the fridge, and replenish your board once they’ve been used. We also suggest cutting your fruit just a half hour before serving. You don’t want your apples and pears to brown. 

Perfect Pairing

Another reason we love a grazing platter is because they pair so well with wine! If you’ve included seafood on your board we suggest opening a bottle of our 2018 Estate Sauvignon Blanc. The palate is zesty with fresh acidity, and buttery notes and goes down a treat with seafood. 

If you’ve got a great variety of cured meats on the plate, then we suggest pairing your platter with our 2017 Estate Shiraz. 

Happy grazing!