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New Vintages and a chance to Meet the Makers

Port Lincoln-based winery, Peter Teakle Wines, is thrilled to announce three new additions to their estate range with the inclusion of the 2023 Killer White Sauvignon Blanc, 2023 Killer White Riesling and 2022 Estate Chardonnay. These new additions will be available to purchase from Peter Teakle Wines’ Cellar Door and online store from Friday, 1 March 2024.

Chief winemaker Liz Heidenreich, who was one of 12 participants at last year’s prestigious Len Evans Tutorial and has been with Peter Teakle Wines since 2019, is delighted to see the winery’s output grow from strength to strength: 

“The 2023 growing season was a particularly great year for grape growing with little disease pressure and a long ripening period, so we are delighted to have such a great output from that harvest period, “explains Heidenreich.

We planted more rows of riesling in 2021 and had a small yield from these new plantings which shows great promise with the flavour profile and for things to come.” 

Peter Teakle Wines’ 2022 Killer White Riesling was a top pick amongst locals (even Prime Minister Anthony Albanese listed it as his favourite when he visited the winery last October) and Heidenreich ensures this year’s drop will be just as popular. 

“The 2023 Killer White Riesling has bright fresh acidity, which zings on the palate. It boasts orange blossom aromas with lime and lemon peel characters. It’s a great drop to drink now while young and fresh, but the natural acidity will also keep this wine fresh for several years, before slowly starting to become more toasty and buttery over the next 5-10 years.” 

Heidenreich describes the 2022 Estate Chardonnay as having flavours of “brioche and nuttiness”. 

“The primary fruit component gives our chardonnay its fresh granny smith apple acidity, with stone fruit, pear and minerality also prominent, while our 2023 Killer White Sauvignon Blanc is incredibly aromatic and varietal. It boasts aromas of freshly cut grass, peas and asparagus and the palate has a spectrum of tropical fruits, with passionfruit, apple and citrus notes. This drop is ready to drink as a young wine, but will remain fresh and bright with short term cellaring.” 

In addition to the new wines, Heindreich is delighted to be co-hosting a Meet the Makers event alongside Mark Jensen, who is executive chef at Peter Teakle Wines’ award-winning restaurant, Line & Label. Meet the Makers II which is running on Sunday, 24th March gives wine connoisseurs an incredible opportunity to learn more about the vinification process onsite at the winery. Heidenreich will take guests on an intimate guided tour of Peter Teakle Wines’ state-of-the-art winery and explain each new wine while also hosting a remontage demonstration. Jensen will prepare a delicious array of canapes that will perfectly pair with each drop. 

Heindreich said of the event, “I love to have an opportunity to share my knowledge and passion with other wine enthusiasts so I’m delighted to be taking part in another Meet the Maker event and to get to meet some of our biggest supporters and introduce them to our new wines. It’s also always great to work with Mark and I can’t wait to taste the canapes he’s curated for this event. He really knows how to complement food and wine perfectly.”

“Here at Peter Teakle Wines, we truly believe it's our produce and team members that makes our products stand out from the rest,” says TeakCorp Director, Ben Teakle

“Events like Meet the Makers give our supporters a rare opportunity to get to learn directly from our team and to experience our wine and food from a different perspective. We are looking forward to hosting many more events in 2024. Between Meet the Makers II, and being a part of both Tasting Australia and Cellar Door Fest in Adelaide, 2024 is going to be a very exciting year for the team here at Peter Teakle Wines and we can’t wait to share what else we have coming up on the horizon.”

Peter Teakle Wines’ 2023 Killer White Sauvignon Blanc, 2023 Killer White Riesling and 2022 Estate Chardonnay are available to purchase from their Cellar Door and online store here.

Tickets to Meet the Makers 2 can be purchased here.