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What's On this Spring

Our Festa Italiana event, happening next Thursday, 16 September, is now sold out. The next event - a taste of Japan - will be announced shortly but you can pop Thursday 21st October in the diary now so you don't miss out!

For our Adelaide based readers, this is the last weekend you can see the extraordinary Van Gogh Alive exhibition.

Picture: (c) RB-Create
Van Gogh’s works have been displayed and enjoyed worldwide for over a century – but never like this. This is no ordinary art exhibition. Van Gogh Alive sets aside the stuffy traditions of tiptoeing through silent galleries and viewing paintings from afar in quiet contemplation. From start to finish, visitors are surrounded by a vibrant symphony of light, colour, sound, and fragrance that has been described as an ‘unforgettable’ multi-sensory experience.

The Grand Pavilion features a visually stunning wrap-around floral exterior and spectacular immersive foyers, including an exact recreation of Van Gogh’s famous painting of the Café Terrace at Night. Designed by Australian designer Anna Cordingley, the Grand Pavilion also houses two immersive areas: The Sunflower Infinity Room and a walk-through immersive recreation of arguably Van Gogh’s most famous painting, Starry Night.

“But for one's health as you say, it is very necessary to
work in the garden and see the flowers growing.”~ Van Gogh