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Things To Do in Eyre Peninsula

South Australia's Eyre Peninsula is more than just stunning beaches and a dramatic coastline. Sure, gorgeous beaches, spectacular marine life, and national parks with abundant wildlife are some of Eyre Peninsula's spectacular sights. But if you're looking for more Eyre Peninsula tourism ideas and Eyre Peninsula holiday ideas, we're here to delve right into the things you can do along the Eyre Peninsula.

Things to do at Eyre Peninsula's Most Beautiful Beaches

The sun, the turquoise ocean, the sand dunes, the rock pools - what's not to love about the Eyre Peninsula? Whether you want to know the best spots for whale watching, swimming with the playful sea lions or even brave shark cage diving, here's our list of the top sights in Eyre Peninsula and things to visit in Eyre Peninsula. These sights include the most beautiful beaches down by the Eyre Peninsula coastline you need to visit. If you're planning to visit Eyre Peninsula, these attractions are a must-see.

Eyre Peninsula's Baird Bay

If the idea of swimming alongside graceful dolphins and encountering the amazing marine life - including the charming local sea lions - fills you with excitement and wonder, then you absolutely must prioritise a visit to Baird Bay on your Eyre Peninsula journey. This pristine coastal haven is a quintessential destination for wildlife enthusiasts and adventure seekers.

Neptune Islands

Located near Port Lincoln, the Neptune Islands Group Marine Park offers one of the most thrilling things to do in the Eyre Peninsula. It's home to the only place in the world where you can go shark cage diving to see great white sharks up close and personal. Experience the heart-pounding thrill of being amongst underwater marine life when you cage dive with the ocean's native wildlife. It's an adventure that should be at the top of your list when considering things to do in Eyre Peninsula.

Whale Watching With Fowlers Bay Eco Tours, EP Cruises, Chinta Tours

Head towards the Fowlers Bay Jetty for an unforgettable experience in Eyre Peninsula, especially for those looking for things to do in this wonderful area. This is the perfect tour for experienced surfers and wildlife enthusiasts interested in humpback whale watching. Here, you can witness these majestic creatures in their natural habitat, set against the backdrop of the towering sand dunes and the breathtaking Southern Ocean.

Baleen Rock Pool

The Baleen rock pool, also known as the Swimming Hole in Whaler's Way, is one of the must-visits along the Eyre Peninsula, particularly near Port Lincoln. These mesmerising rock pools are a product of natural rock formations and are beautifully nestled amid rugged cliffs, offering breathtaking views of the coastline. The water is remarkably crystal clear, lucky visitors might even spot dolphins, fur seals, and majestic whales swimming nearby, making this an all-encompassing coastal experience.

Almonta Beach

Not even an hour's drive from Coffin Bay along the Eyre Peninsula, Almonta Beach is a great place to relax and unwind, known for its white, huge sand dunes, crystal-clear waters, and rugged coastline. The beach is also home to a variety of native plants and wildlife, including kangaroos, emus, goannas, and dolphins. The perfect spot for an Eyre Peninsula swim.

Eyre Peninsula is the Seafood Frontier

Visit an oyster farm to see how South Australia and the Eyre Peninsula have earned their title as the ‘seafood frontier’ of the country. Witness the process where the freshest seafood is drawn from the waters to land on your plate. Right near Coffin Bay, see how oysters are grown at an oyster farm where you can board an oyster boat and then taste your fresh oysters.

Eyre Peninsula Attractions

There are a number of things to do in the Eyre Peninsula, from visiting the Coffin Bay National Park to some of the best Eyre Peninsula camping spots and moving off-grid with no phone reception in the healthy natural environment. Here are some more suggestions of things to do in the Eyre Peninsula if you're looking for more than heading down to the beach.

Murphy's Haystacks

Murphy's Haystacks are unique granite formations on the Eyre Peninsula, South Australia. They are 500 million years old and were formed by erosion. Visitors can climb to the top of the haystacks for stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

Eyre Peninsula Wildlife Park

The Eyre Peninsula Wildlife Park is home to a number of endangered species, and it’s a great place for families and visitors of all ages to learn about and appreciate Australia's unique wildlife. Visitors can also participate in a variety of activities, including feeding kangaroos and emus or cuddling koalas.

Peter Teakle Wines

In the heart of Port Lincoln on the Eyre Peninsula, Peter Teakle Wines near Coffin Bay is a must-visit destination for those seeking memorable things to do in the Eyre Peninsula. This award-winning winery boasts a unique architectural experience at its elegant cellar door. Here, you can savour delicious local produce and indulge in the exquisite flavours of your favourite Peter Teakle wine. 

Situated amidst picturesque lawns and vineyards with stunning views of Boston Bay, this is a Port Lincoln gem and an Eyre Peninsula attraction you definitely shouldn't miss.

Great Australian Bight

One of the most spectacular whale-watching sites in South Australia is in the Head of The Great Australian Bight on the Far West Coast. This unique geographical spot, a mini desert of towering sand dunes meets a sheer line of 90m limestone cliffs. In the sheltered waters of the bay below, Southern Right whales congregate en masse to give birth to calves. Combining accessible viewing platforms with the spectacular backdrop of the Bunda cliffs and superb pristine beaches, the facility offers travellers an unparalleled opportunity to view the large numbers of Southern Right Whales.

Visit the Eyre Peninsula

Whether you wish to enjoy the Port Lincoln Marina or cage dive with sharks, make your visit to the Eyre Peninsula worth it and stop by Peter Teakle Wines. If you'd like to find out more or make a booking to check out our Eyre Peninsula cellar door, visit our website.