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Wine - 2023 Late Harvest Semillon

2023 Late Harvest Semillon

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This style of wine can be enjoyed with many food styles. It has lovely freshness and acidity which balances the sweetness beautifully. It can be served chilled with spicy food, or as an after dinner wine with cheese or desert. The palate is light and creamy with lovely passionfruit and lemon peel characters, and a long silky finish. This style of wine ages incredibly well with characters of honey and toasty notes developing over time.


The 2023 growing and ripening season was cooler that average, resulting in a long hang time for the grapes, which give lovely balance and retains natural acidity.  The Late Harvest Semillon was left on the vine to maximise the sugar content until mid March. The Baume was 14 degrees when it was machine picked and destemmed and crushed in our Port Lincoln winery.  The grapes had slight shrivel which is ideal for this style of wine, which concentrates the natural sugars in the berry.  The juice was inoculated with yeast, and fermentation commenced. Fermentation was halted by chilling and filtering the wine to retain the natural fruit sweetness that is found in late harvest style wines. The wine was then racked, stabilised, filtered again prior to bottling in May 2023.


Situated on the Teakle property in Port Lincoln, 2 kilometres from the foreshore, with 150 meters elevation. The soils are a rich combination of sandy loam topsoil overlying a friable red-brown clay loam subsoil. The moderately warm summer temperatures and maritime breeze allow perfect ripening conditions in the vineyard. The long sunshine hour days encourage even ripening of the grapes, while the gentle breeze helps cool the bunches, retaining the beautiful natural acidity.